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 Holding regularly-scheduled critique sessions

 Offering annual conferences for in-depth learning and networking

 Providing scholarship funds to conferences to our members

 Sharing information about writing opportunities, conferences, and contests through our newsletter, The Loom

 Offering smaller, genre-specific critique groups in addition to the general critique sessions when possible

 Helping connect members with editors, agents, and other publishing professionals

 Providing guest speakers at meetings, retreats, and workshops

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Finish It!

2/28/2024 12:55:00 AM BY Christine Malkemes

Tell Archippus, “See to it that you complete the work you have received from the Lord” (Col 4:17 NIV).

Is the Lord trying to tell me something? 


Archippus was an early Christian believer, mentioned here and in Philemon 1:2 and referred to as a “fellow soldier.” Other than this, we have no other mention of him in the Bible. Tradition tells us he was one of the 72 disciples appointed by Jesus in Luke 10:1 or we can trust the Apostolic Constitutions revealing Archippus as the first bishop of Laodicea. Sadly, that church was neither hot nor cold (Rev. 3:15). Many believe Archippus was stoned to death. 

Somehow, I identify with Archippus. I have written enough material to publish three or four books, but they’re filed away in boxes or filed in three ring binders. Occasionally the Lord’s love letter is a push in the right direction. 

So I pause to ponder.

How many farmers plow their fields only to leave them unseeded?
Does a cook spend precious time preparing a meal only to throw it away?
What carpenter builds a bookcase and then leaves it half finished?
Who writes books only to hide them in a drawer? 

Suddenly, I’m aware of the truth: incomplete work haunts, nags and frustrates. 

Am I the only one with this problem?

I begin to see, in my imagination, the celebration of the farmer sowing the seed and reaping a harvest. I watch the cook prepare and serve the best meal for his friends and family. The carpenter finishes that bookshelf and fills it with welcoming books. 

So, I went to my office, removed that article, those workbooks, and even the Bible Study, getting them ready to launch. I want to finish what I’ve started. 

Is it my imagination or is there a whisper in the air, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?”

So, if you’re feeling a little Archippus, then join me in this prayer:

Father God, Creator of heaven and earth, please create in me the desire to finish what you’ve sent me to do. I apologize for procrastinating and doubting myself. Help me trust you’ve given me the skills and abilities needed for the job. Keep me from listening to other voices and not yours. Lord, lean in and breathe life into this work so that together we might delight in it. Thank you so much. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Christine Malkemes is a retired Army Officer and Vietnam Era Vet (Women’s Army Corps). She a wife, mother, grandmother, and teaching pastor credentialed with the Assemblies of God.  Her community on line, is Sister Disciples at  She participates in an online group, page 12, facilitator: Anna Miller

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