Founded in 1997, Word Weavers International is dedicated to providing a forum for Christian writers to critique one another's work in a face-to-face format, whether in a traditional chapter or in Word Weavers' unique online "pages," so as to improve craft. Writers of all levels are welcome.


Each October, Word Weavers International holds an annual event, Florida Christian Writers Conference, for writers at every level. FCWC is held at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, which is nestled in the splendor and majesty of a large cluster of live oaks and a wide sparkling lake to bring not only writing instruction but spiritual refreshing. Word Weavers provides scholarships to members and nonmembers alike.


By holding monthly meetings, providing constant contact through news blasts and our newsletter, and by use of social media means, Word Weavers offers its writers a sense of community. Word Weavers is highly recognized within our industry, its members respected for their professionalism and work.

The mission of Word Weavers International is to help members find their unique voice, strive for the exceptional and not settle for the mundane, and to raise the quality of our members’ writing to a publishable level. We endeavor to fulfill our mission and vision by:


 Actively praying for one another’s successes

 Holding regularly-scheduled critique sessions

 Offering annual conferences for in-depth learning and networking

 Providing scholarship funds to conferences to our members

 Sharing information about writing opportunities, conferences, and contests through our newsletter, The Loom

 Offering smaller, genre-specific critique groups in addition to the general critique sessions when possible

 Helping connect members with editors, agents, and other publishing professionals

 Providing guest speakers at meetings, retreats, and workshops

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4/18/2024 2:25:00 PM BY Eva Marie Everson

The Schedule is UP!

We have uploaded our Intensive and Conference Schedule for 2024. It is, of course, subject to change. To view the schedule, click HERE.

To Fear (AI) or Not to Fear (AI)
This year, Lynette Eason will offer a special class on Wednesday afternoon (3:00-5:00) on the good and bad of AI. This is a hot topic right now in the world of publishing and especially important for writers to best understand the ins and outs, the ups and downs of Artificial Intelligence. 

There is an additional charge for this, which you can include in your registration. If you have already registered but didn't add this class and would like to take it, you can go back into registration and add it at any time.

Let's Take a Look at Wednesday!
This year's intensive is for Children's Book Writers! Our workshop leaders are:

Michelle Medlock Adams

Sally Cressman

Tama Fortner

Rachel Pfeiffer

Leslie Santamaria

Tim Shoemaker, who will also serve as our keynote speaker during lunch.

We will provide 12 hours of teaching, just for children's book (etc.) writers! That's exciting enough.

But wait! There's more!

Wednesday, October 16, 2024

1:30 - 5:00: Registration Opens / Bookstore Opens (Please DO NOT arrive before 1:30. We will not be able to get you into your rooms.)

2:00 - 5:00: Book Proposal Studio Begins: This is the foundation for the Book Proposal Studio Continuing Class with Edie Melson (and guest leader, Lynette Eason). If you sign up for the BPS (there is an extra fee) but cannot arrive until later on Wednesday or Thursday morning, don't worry! You'll be fine.

3:00 - 5:00: Pitch Studio with Edwina Perkins: In this workshop, you’ll learn how to craft a perfect pitch. Whether you’re pitching a nonfiction or fiction, the mechanics of the pitch are the same, and so are the results. From the introduction of the main character to the hook to the promise of the premise, Edwina will walk you through what makes a powerful, memorable pitch. She’ll also share how to make the most of those 15-minute appointments with the editor you’ve been stalking.

3:00 - 5:00: To AI or Not to AI--That is the Question with Lynette Eason: Come join Lynette as she walks attendees through what AI is, why it's not ALL evil, along with the do's and don'ts of using it. She will show you how it can help you brainstorm your stories, be an amazing research tool and more. Lynette will demonstrate how she uses AI to plot a never before plotted story--in other words, she will do for the class, exactly what she does at home when she has a new story to generate. When you leave the class, you will be able to take this knowledge with you and do the same for your own novel. And plus, it's fun. And will involve chocolate. She hopes to see you there!

5:30-6:30: Dinner

6:45: Coke Floats and Conversation!
After dinner, join us in the main auditorium (Maguire) for coke floats and two panels of editors and agents who promise to answer your questions (we'll gather those soon). This is always exciting and fun (and we throw in a few 50s tunes just to get the party started)!

After Hours: Did you think we were done? No way! We have four 1-hour workshops to get our started (see schedule). After that, go to bed! (You'll need the rest ...)

Let your light shine at the Just Desserts Desserts Banquet (no, it's not misspelled)! Be sure to read and follow all the instructions for the SonShine Awards. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Don't forget our scholarships. You cannot receive one if you do not first ask.  (Hey! That sounds like a sermon!)


See you in October!


Eva Marie & Taryn!


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