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Journaling a Legacy

2/6/2023 1:30:00 AM BY Patricia Tiffany Morris

When Solomon bursts into the first chapter of Ecclesiastes, he declares everything meaningless. Three books earlier, I’d wrestled alongside Job. If I had lived in their time, I would have encouraged his friends to invest in a journal and work through their feelings before they shared their opinions. I didn’t understand Solomon’s nuanced pessimism such as, “generations come and go” and “everything under the sun is meaningless,” but as I age, I sense an urgency to find meaning and prepare for death. Maybe that’s what bugged Solomon.

The process of creating colorful stories fills moments before rising when ideas flow from a restful place. Scrambling for my phone to dictate my thoughts, I miss pen and paper notetaking before technology transformed us. Writing about hope shatters the sorrow of my youth. If I could record those snippets of victory over darkness, or illustrate that to children, or give a kingdom perspective to women my age, I’d better hustle. Anything is possible as I consider the words of King Solomon and find purpose in Christ’s plans instead of complaining about today’s trials.

Penning a legacy for the next generation, whether they are coming or going, often begins in an unassuming notebook. My adolescent diaries, college musings, poetry, sermon notes, and lists making, inspired me to create a series of journals to replace the grungy, vintage notebooks perched on my shelves. I relegated them to a plastic container hiding the brokenness, but pray someone might find the beauty of Christ who brought me into his light.

I invested energy in 2021 to self-publish what I know best. Journaling and keeping notes, ideas, and lists. Journaling Scribbles blended my love of art and creativity with my need for written and visual organization.

Once the idea germinated, the sketching grew into a mass of thumbnails and potential titles. My architectural tools found renewed purpose. My Prismacolor pencils, still vibrant after forty years of Bible marking, brought the project to life. I wanted titles printed on the spines and the color-splashed bindings made me smile. I’d found a place for my artwork, a potential residual income source for my children, and an avenue to leave a legacy for future generations by teaching writers how to use technology. Now if I could just understand SEO or hire someone to teach me.

I may not ever collate or organize the stacks I wrote before publishing Journaling Scribbles. That task might be meaningless, but God’s marvelous entry into Ecclesiastes — his powerful gut-punch of a wakeup call— prodded me into action, and I have published twenty journals and counting.

Although brokenness sometimes slip-streams into my morning hours, I now place a journal beside my bed to capture ideas before my feet hit the floor. My story, woven through the pages of tattered half-journals and bright new covers, might be the bridge of healing I’ve prayed for so many years.

Our days are numbered by our creator. No one knows how long we’ll be tethered to this earth. But we know our days are sweet gifts. Whatever love notes, or inspiration propels us to encourage each other, whatever thoughts we wrangle to share with the next generation, or whatever hope prompts us to get out of bed each day, we know we have purpose. We matter to God.

For now, just for today, I’ll organize words, invent themes for the next journal, and create colorful life stories penned for God’s glory. My next project, The Love Note Collector, inspired by my “punny” husband and his rhyming, poetic scribbles as he goes about his day, is scheduled for later this year.

What type of journal would you create to share with the next generation?

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An enthusiastic writer, artist, and brainstorming creative, Patricia Tiffany Morris sketches ideas in her sleep, that is when she takes time to sleep. Reading and studying long hours at night served her well during architectural design studio at ISU in the eighties where she soaked up engineering, computer, and art skills. 

Her eclectic awards from 2019-2021 ranged from poetry, short fiction, children’s stories, to suspense and inspirational prose. Earning first place at BRMCWC in 2021 for her upcoming split-time novel, Patricia holds publishing credits at The Ekphrastic Review, Word Weavers Int, Lyrical Iowa, and Guideposts. She has also published an artistic collection of journals and planners at KDP.

Now an empty-nester, she’s inspired by her rhyming husband, who reads her suspense-filled fiction in delightful character voices and helps her brainstorm tech-laced plot threads woven with themes of forgiveness and hope.

Patricia actively supports fellow authors and offers geeky tech services for a minimal price & adores teaching others. Sharing about Christ through inspirational fiction and artsy, sermon notes and coloring pages keeps her dreams lively. She enjoys collaborating with other artists & writers. She adores Pinterest and hashtags but finds Twitter quirky.

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