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Word Weavers International holds two annual events for writers at every level--Florida Christian Writers Conference (March) held in the Central Florida area and the North Georgia Christian Writers Conference (August) nestled in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. Additionally, Word Weavers provides scholarships to members throughout the year.


By holding monthly meetings, providing constant contact through news blasts and our newsletter, and by use of social media means, Word Weavers offers its writers a sense of community. Word Weavers is highly recognized within our industry, its members respected for their professionalism and work.

The mission of Word Weavers International is to help members find their unique voice, strive for the exceptional and not settle for the mundane, and to raise the quality of our members’ writing to a publishable level. We endeavor to fulfill our mission and vision by:


 Actively praying for one another’s successes

 Holding regularly-scheduled critique sessions

 Offering annual conferences for in-depth learning and networking

 Providing scholarship funds to conferences to our members

 Sharing information about writing opportunities, conferences, and contests through our newsletter, The Loom

 Offering smaller, genre-specific critique groups in addition to the general critique sessions when possible

 Helping connect members with editors, agents, and other publishing professionals

 Providing guest speakers at meetings, retreats, and workshops

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Word Weavers Presidents

1/2/2020 9:00:00 AM BY Tammy Karasek

Getting to Know Your Presidents!

Today we meet Joan Borton

1. Where do you live? (You can use city and state or just state if you prefer) Lakeland, FL

2. How long have you been a Word Weaver? Since November 2016
a) What chapter are you President of? Online group – Page 29
I was previously a member of Page 13, and am currently a member of Tampa WW in addition to
serving as President of Page 29.

3. How long have you been writing—or when did you feel God was calling you to be a writer?
When I look back at my school years and the papers my mother kept, I always had a
penchant for writing. I think I first felt God’s prompting to write for His purpose early in our
marriage. I chose to marry a man with a disability. There was little written at that time on
marriage and disability. As I searched, and talked with others I felt like God was prompting me
to do that.

4. What do you like to read? Contemporary fiction, true stories, marriage or disability related topics

5. What do you write? I write a blog called Raising my Ebenezer at On that blog
I host Marriage Monday. I also am working on a book on embracing disability in your marriage.

a) If you are published: I am published in anthologies – Faith and Freedom and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive, Live Happy that just came out in September 2019.
     1. First book? In Progress

6. Where’s your favorite place to write? The library

7. If you have a dedicated writing space, describe it for us. Because I do not have a dedicated writing space I keep a designated writing briefcase that rolls. It is loaded with files and resources related to my current projects. Whenever
I can find a time and place to write, if I have that briefcase, I have what I need.

8. What’s your ideal writing routine (time of day, with or without a beverage, snack to get to the
finish line, etc.) Coffee and a savory snack are my writing buddies. I can make morning, afternoon or evening work for me as long as I have a chunk of time, at least an hour. I’ve tried the writing a few minutes here and there, but that just doesn’t work for me. To make writing work for me I book it in to my schedule as non-negotiable appointment times.

9. We all have several authors we love to read so I won’t make you pick a favorite—but what has
been your favorite book this year and why? (Great story, impactful, educational, etc.) I have benefitted most by reading Dreyer’s English. Grammar has never been my strong suit, and what I do remember has changed. I love how user friendly his book is in helping me find the answer I need.

10. What’s one piece of writing advice you’d like to share with other Word Weaver members?
(Maybe something you wished you would have known as you began writing.) Going to conferences and critique groups is terrific, but also can be overwhelming with such a wealth of opinions and experiences. Don’t feel obligated to take and follow it all – you can’t! Discern what God has for you in it, and let the rest go. Be aware too that the market and
standards are ever changing.


“Easy” is rarely a word that is used in relation to disability ministry. But long-time disability advocate, Joan Borton, loves to show people how easy it can be to start a friendship with someone with a disability. Disability ministry has taken Joan to Ghana, West Africa, and all around the U.S, where she has taught on topics ranging from disability awareness to soul care to managing change to marriage and disability. 

Joan has been joyfully married to Jerry since 1995. She is passionate about strengthening marriages affected by disability and is an award-winning published author who frequently blogs, writes and speaks on this topic. There is little Joan enjoys more than encouraging a caregiver and listening to their story.

Joan and Jerry are committed to hospitality—whether that means entertaining guests at their Florida home, providing respite care for kids and teens, or being a home away from home for family and friends.  When faced with a little down time you will likely find her reading or working on a jigsaw puzzle.

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