Are you ready to be an award-winning author or writer?

Submit to our contest and you may hear your name called at our Awards Program Saturday night.

Please note that if an entry has been entered into a previous FCWC contest and won, it may not be entered again. However, if the piece did not win first place, it may be entered again, but the second time is the final opportunity for that piece to be entered.

Here are the categories and submission instructions for your UNPUBLISHED and UNCONTRACTED works:


Category Guidelines

Submit a nonfiction article of no more than 1,000 words.

Bible Studies

Submit an outline, plus first 1,000 words.

Children's Early Reader

Submit a one paragraph summary, plus first 500 words,

Children's Picture

Submit the entire work, without graphics.


Submit the Bible verse and short prayer/inspirational saying,

PLUS up to three devotionals that are up to 300 words each.

Flash Fiction (A short story of no more than 1000 words.) Submit entire piece.
Middle Grade Books

Fiction or Nonfiction: Submit a one paragraph description, plus first 1,000 words.

Nonfiction Books

Submit a one paragraph description of work, plus first 1,500 words.

Novels (6 cats.)

Submit a one paragraph description, plus first 1,500 words.
Indicate: Contemporary/Contemporary Women’s, Historical/Biblical,
 Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Speculative/Fantasy.
Submissions can only be entered in one category, with only one submission per category.


Submit up to 3 poems, single spaced. No more than 1 page per poem.

Short Story

(A work of fiction of no more than 7,500) Submit a one paragraph description, plus first 1,500 words 

YA Fiction

Submit a one paragraph description, plus first 1,500 words

YA Nonfiction

Submit a one paragaraph description, plus first 1,500 words




Submission Requirements:

EMAIL your submission(s) as an ATTACHMENT (do not put your submission into the body of the email) to [email protected]. It needs to be a Word document—this is an industry standard. Mail your check to:

Taryn Souders
32939 Wolfs Trail
Sorrento, FL  32776

Must be received no later than September 30, 2021 

*Each UNPUBLISHED, UNCONTRACTED submission must include a cover sheet with: Your name, email address, title of your work, and category entered.

Each page after should not include your name or any tell-tale evidence of the author.

Each submission should be double-spaced, Times New Roman (black), font size 12, with 1" margins.

Multiple submissions accepted, but not within the same category.

Include a check for $25 made payable to "Word Weavers International" for each category entered. You may write one check for multiple entries.

You must be registered for the conference to enter.


The judges reserve the right to switch the category for an entry, to cancel a category if the number of entries is insufficient,

or to decide not to have a winner if the level of the best entries is not up to publishing industry standards.

*If you’re under contract or have previously published within a genre, you may not enter that genre.

Ex. If you have published or are under contract in Children’s Picture Books, you are ineligbile to submit a Children’s Picture Book.

*Individual pieces of Poetry and Devotionals are an exception to this rule.