Edwina Perkins


Edwina Perkins is the assistant director of Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference as well as the coordinator of Mentoring Moments with BRMCWC. She is also the manager of Sensitivity Between the Lines. As an acquisition editor with Iron Stream, she seeks to publish ethnic writers through Harambee Press, an imprint of Iron Stream. A longtime member of Word Weavers International she is a member of the advisory board. Edwina is an award-winning writer, experienced teacher, speaker, free-lance editor and a sensitivity reader. She is also a freelance writer with Guideposts. One of her passions is to coach and mentor other writers.



About Harambee Press:

Story has always been a rich part of the ethnic culture. For people of color, oral communication has been a means to come together. Now is the time for more ethnic voices to be seen—as well as heard—through print publications. The Swahili word harambee means, to pull together. Out of this truth, Harambee Press was birthed.

We are looking for writers who want to express the diversity of their culture and who have stories and life lessons. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, HP authors should carry a message of hope and redemption.

At this time we are acquiring:

We are not looking for:

We are accepting submissions from people we meet at conferences, agents, and referrals.