Zena Dell Lowe

Zena has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a screenwriter, producer, actress, and story consultant. In 2020, Zena launched her podcast, The Storyteller’s Mission with Zena Dell Lowe, which has become one of the most popular shows among Christian artists all over the world. The Storyteller’s Mission focuses not just on craft, but on how to write great stories that reflect a true, biblical moral worldview and have a chance to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Zena loves story and storytellers. Driven by a passion to equip artists of all levels to achieve excellence at their craft, she regularly teaches advanced classes on writing as an adjunct professor and at writers conferences all across the country. Zena also offers advanced, comprehensive, and one-of-a-kind online classes for writers through her website, www.thestorytellersmission.com

To find out more about her current course for screenwriters, Formatting as an Artform, now ON SALE for a limited time only, go to:  https://www.thestorytellersmission.com/formatting-as-an-artform