Timothy Holder

Timothy D. Holder is an author, radio show host/podcaster, public speaker, ordained minister, history professor, and actor. His radio show, The Leading Edge with Dr. Tim Holder, is on stations in Tennessee and West Virginia, and it is also a podcast. On the show, he interviews Christian leaders from various fields. He speaks on multiple topics, but most often he shares about how early presidents handled adversity and what we can learn from them. His pulpit supply preaching has taken him to churches in four denominations. He has taught students from eighth grade through graduate school and currently teaches online for Liberty University. He has acted in several commercials and two movies with his wife, Jill Holder, an actress and producer with more than 160 roles to her credit. They coauthored Devotions for a New Day, and he is the author of several books, including Devotions with Presidents and Washington was a Dancer, Lincoln was a Wrestler (a book of presidential trivia, stories, and games for kids).