Karisa Moore

Karisa Moore knows what it’s like to cry out to God with groans that words cannot express (Romans 8:26). After losing her oldest son in 2014 to suicide, the Psalms became her guide through grief. She recognized that poetry, art, singing, and dancing, comfort and give words to some of the deepest heartaches and help us to identify God’s presence in all circumstances. She is expanding our mental health vocabulary to include Christ-centered hope through creative expression.

Karisa is President of Word Weavers Boone County (Kentucky), where she loves to spur her crew on to complete their works in progress and grow as believers and writers. Based upon her countless hours of character research, she could probably draw up building blueprints, diagnosis a spinal cord injury, and become a foster parent. She and other group members have won various awards for their fiction and nonfiction writing. She has a poetry journal published, a devotional book being considered, and a foster family novel series in process.

She is the author of Broken Butterflies: Emerging Through Grief, A Suicide Survivor’s Poetic Journal. To find mental health resources and share your story of hope, follow her at Turning the Page on Suicide.