J. Kent Holloway

When J. Kent Holloway began his writing career back in 2008, he'd already been working as a forensic death investigator for more than 13 years. Despite the fact he'd grown up on whodunnits as a kid, the last thing he wanted to do after working the real thing was write or read mysteries, and so he started writing paranormal thrillers and adventure fiction. And he enjoyed it. Then Kent became friends with Warren Murphy, the prolific co-creator of "The Destroyer" Remo Williams series (one of Kent's all time favorite book series), and Warren began encouraging Kent to tap into his experience in forensics to write something within the mystery genre. "Write what you know," Murphy said. “You have a unique experience many writers would kill for. That re-ignited a passion Kent had lost long before. As a kid, he’d devoured all the Sherlock Holmes stories he could get his hands on. He loved Agatha Christie. Loved Hammett. And so, Kent set to writing mysteries, and his private reading time changed from thrillers and adventures to whodunits of all kinds. This brings us to 2023. With retirement looming, Kent and his high school pal former newspaper publisher Sean Smith have created a business to continue after Kent is no longer knee-deep in dead bodies. And what better way to honor his legacy than to build a publishing company, Charade Media, focused on the genre Kent loves more than anything else?


What they are looking for:

Charade Media has expanded to include ALL crime fiction (not just cozies and traditional mysteries).

This includes:

Most of all, we’re committed to stories that are a little quirky. A little outside-the-box with a definite weak spot for lighthearted and witty whodunnits, or those filled with ghosts and an assortment of paranormal activity. But mostly, we’re looking for quality crime fiction that’s fun and entertaining. We want that feeling when we close the book of a smile and a satisfied sigh.