Brainstorming with the Experts

Have you ever wished you could sit down with an expert--a mentor--for a half hour? Someone who has taken the time to look over  your work carefully and who is willing to go over things like your hopes … your next career moves … what works and what doesn't within your work?

Now you can. FCWC offers you a list of mentors to choose from--one perfect for you and your genre. 

Look over the list below. Once you choose your ideal mentor, follow the instructions they give. You will pay an additional $40 directly to them and will send them the work they specifically require. While at FCWC, they will set aside a half hour to talk with you. To go over the work. To chat about your best next move, etc. 

Expert Mentor


Mentor Email

Austin, Lynn

Fiction: Conferees should submit their opening chapter, full synopsis, and One-Sheet – Up to 4 submissions

[email protected]
Beller, Misty  Historical or Contemporary – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Bracket, Lindsey Women’s Fiction or Romance – 2 submissions [email protected]
Brooks, Tez Nonfiction – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Bruins, Kathy Fiction, Nonfiction, Book Proposals – Up to 4 submissions [email protected]
Cowell, Cheri Any genre – 2 submissions [email protected]
de Blecourt, Kim Nonfiction: Conferees should submit their first two chapters, book proposal, and One-Sheet – Up to 5 submissions:  [email protected]
Goetz, Adria

Children’s Fiction (Picture Book, Middle Grade, Young Adult – 
2 submissions

[email protected]
Hall, Tessa Emily Young Adult Fiction – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Iseminger, Heather                                           Blogging [email protected]
Jett, Bethany

Nonfiction, Devotions, Young Adult Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction – Up to 3 submissions

[email protected]
Kent, Carol Nonfiction, Devotions – Up to 5 submissions

[email protected]

Lehman, Yvonne Novels/Novellas: Conferees should submit their synopsis (2-page max), first 3 chapters or first 30 pages, and a One-Sheet about themselves – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Melson, Edie                                

Speculative Fiction, Social Media, Blogging, Nonfiction,
Devotionals, Nonfiction or Fiction proposals, How to structure 
a living wage through writing and publishing

[email protected]
Neal, Susan Nonfiction – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Pellegrino, Rachel Children’s Fiction – 2 submissions [email protected]
Pennington, Ava Devotions – Up to 4 submissions [email protected]
Perkins, Edwina Fiction, Nonfiction (if ethnic author) – Up to 5 submissions [email protected]
Pieper, Marti Nonfiction, Articles – 2 submissions [email protected]
Sproles, Cindy Devotions, Fiction – 2 submissions [email protected]
Stieffel, Kristen Speculative and General Fiction – Up to 3 submissions [email protected]
Turk, Marilyn  Historical Fiction – Up to 3 submissions [email protected]