Bethany Jett


About Bethany

Bethany Jett’s motto is “Learn everything you can; teach as you go.” She finds purpose in helping writers and authors move from “consumer to creator” while honing their craft and owning their brand.

Her passion for all things strategy-related combined with her love of social media led her to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts in Communication where she focused on marketing and public relations studies, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success.

An entrepreneur at heart, Bethany co-owns Serious Writer, Inc., and is the Vice President of Platinum Literary Services where she specializes in marketing, nonfiction proposal creation, ghostwriting, and developmental editing.

Additionally, Bethany is a multiple award-winning author, award-winning ghostwriter, and award-winning marketer who finds joy speaking across the country at conferences, retreats, and camps for writers, women, college students, and teens.

Bethany lives in Tampa with her military husband, three rambunctious sons, and her not-spoiled-at-all Pomeranian Sadie.

Connect with her at and across all major social media platforms. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: @bethanyjett | Twitter: @betjett | Pinterest: @thebethanyjett

Bethany at FCWC 2020:

This year, Bethany will serve as our official SOCIAL MEDIA and NONFICTION WRITING mentor. To book an hour ($60) or a half hour ($40) at the confrence with Bethany to discuss your social media and/or nonfiction writing, contact Bethany at [email protected] for further details. This is your opportunity to sit face to face along with your work, your laptop tuned to your social media sites, etc. and have one of the best in our industry coach you on the best social media platforms for you (and how to master them) and/or help you shape your nonfiction work (whether articles, devos, or book-length works).