April Ballestero

April Ballestero is a leadership expert. She founded One Light Academy, Inc., also known as One Light Ahead, a coaching agency that helps business leaders shine at their brightest. With over two decades of coaching experience, April knows how to help business leaders achieve their full potential and become more effective, energized, and enthusiastic in their interactions with their teams, clients, families, and communities.

Her accomplishments include a Master of Leadership, Bachelor of Vocational Education, DISC, EQ, Habit Finder, NCRT (Neuro-Cognitive Remodeling Technology), and Axiogenics certifications. She frequently speaks at associations, corporations, and Rotary, sharing strategic planning workshops and leadership presentations. Her book, Slaying the Onion: Unveil the Layers of Your Story to Reveal Your Highest Potential, and the four-day retreats she offers across the country based on the book, help individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives discover and overcome what’s hindering them personally and professionally. April’s One Light Ahead Self-Leadership Planner provides tools and actionable steps for creating your own lightbulb moments every day.