Dr. Robert Gorini


Dr. Robert Gorini serves as full time worship leader at the Rock Church in Daytona Beach, Florida. He holds a doctoral degree in liturgical studies from The Institute for Worship Studies in Jacksonville, Florida.


Listening for God (Morning and Evening Prayer)

At FCWC all of us, whether faculty, staff, or attendee, find ourselves dislocated from our families, churches, and usual places of work. Our collective dislocation, however, affords us with a unique opportunity to hear God’s voice and to receive fresh spiritual direction for our lives. 

Although temporarily displaced, through our gathering at FCWC we are spiritually and supernaturally fashioned into the body of Christ. That is, as we gather under the Lordship of Jesus Christ we are transformed from a meager group of disparate individuals into a worshipping community of faith.

In A Simple Way To Pray, Martin Luther famously suggests that every Christian begin and end their day with prayer. In his seminal work The Rule of St. Benedict, Benedict of Nursia encourages his followers to learn to listen with the ear of their hearts in prayer. In the spirit of both these admonishments I would like to personally invite you to my devotional prayer time "Listening for God," which will be held each morning before breakfast at 7:15am and each evening at 5:15pm. 

This devotional time will follow a three-fold format of: instruction (listen), Scripture reading (hear), and prayer (respond).